Today’s Blogosphere Faves

Some Geniuses: The wonderfully modest undergrad, Ezra Klein, has a new blog with some friends. Not Geniuses is mighty-fine. I love the fact this guy goes to UC Santa Cruz–he’s sharp as a tack and he’s at this laid back, hippy, Slugs school. Good readin’ here.
Neva, Ms Feva, Blogging: Neva makes Portland seem as interesting as, say, New York. Now I know what Portland is really nice, and Neva’s blog seems livelier than Portland. Sample:
Thanks to the Bookslut, I have been introduced to a new blog called Amazon World. It’s a blog totally devoted to posting the best-of-the-worst Amazon book reviews.
JD Lasica: I’m kind of amazed that as the blogging world gets bigger and bigger (400,000 to 1 million active blogs, at last word), I seem to always know the people quoted in these articles. This one quotes my friends Susan Mernit (who began blogging earlier this year at my prodding), Meg Hourihan and David Sifry, and mentions Doc Searls. Looks like big media picks up on the blogosphere’s small self-referential world.
Venture Blog: Know your burn rate, and what VCs look for in a company.
Sean’s CheeseBikini: Do you now what flash moblogging is? Film right here.
“Here’s photographic evidence of the flash mob’s successful takeover of the Manhattan Macy’s fancy-rug department, courtesy of (above). Visit that site, as well as Satan’s Laundromat, for more photos.
New Yorkers used e-mail to coordinate a huge, instant gathering of people around a particular rug. Participants were instructed to tell questioning salesmen that they all lived together in a Long Island warehouse, and they were considering purchasing the item for use as a “Love Rug” back at the house. After precisely ten minutes the crowd dissipated.”

Another event I missed (okay, that was a joke.)
Also: Matrix Mobs Take Osaka….more mobblogging in the real world.