5 month blogging anniversary

5 months of blogging! In 5 months, I was blogged once by Doc Searls, once by the NY Times, once by Anil and once or twice by Xeni, got involved with Shanti and Metapop, and have had fascinating conversations with many interesting people. Best of all, it’s become an enjoyable hobby–a way to share in a dialogue with the blgosphere and anyone who reads my RSS feed or comes to this site.
Most of my connections are electronic-although I live in NJ (okay, NJ), I have not met Nick Denton, Elizabeth Spiers, Meg Hourihan, or Cameron Barrett, all of whom write blogs I read. ( I already know Jarvis, so I don’t have to talk about him.) I also regret not meeting Jen Chung and Jake Dobkin. I’ll be heading out to California in two weeks, and although I will be spending a lot of time in NYC, it seems a bit like a missed opportunity not to have met these folks. On the other hand, I know from experience that often people’s products–writing, etc–are enough, and in fact, you get the best part of them that way.
Some of the people I hope to meet in California–this is another way of saying I admire their blogs and/or work but don’t know them, are Dave Sifry, Robert Scoble(I love his blog), Marc North (I am so impressed by his photography that he is someone I feel shy of meeting), Phil Wolff, Ross Mayfield and the Social Text folks. I have already met the amazingly smart and energetic Marc Canter whose blog is muy compelling, so I won’t add this to this list.
An interesting comment on my schizo interests and how I function on the two coasts: Most of the East Coast folks I mentioned are media people; most of the West Coasters are technology developers.