5ive: A new kind of consulting company

About 3 months ago, my new partners and I started 5ive, a new type of consulting company that was begun to help media companies, nonprofit organizations and mission-driven businesses to create and launch new sustainable revenue streams, new products, and new businesses.
5ive provides a complete range of services, from helping companies to assess their organization, processes, and communications, to strategic planning, creative development, implementation to get programs up and running, and development of actual products, from newsletter and software products, to tangible goods such as wall paper and chairs.
My partners in 5ive bring solid experience in other disciplines: David Ross is the former head of SF MOMA and The Whitney Museum in NY; Greg Turpan was one of the developers of the Calvin Klein Home Collection and the cofounder of Turpan-Sanders, an influential design store in NY; David Gresham ran design for Steelcase and developed their best-selling chair, and Steven Madoff was one of the key figures in developing both Roadrunner and Pathfinder for Time Warner, as well as the President of the MOMA’s recent Internet/commerce venture.
To date, we’ve been working with a media/ information company with a non-profit side, two large museums, a small foundation, and two internet businesses. We have proposed some wonderful projects, on both coasts, and I hope some of them come through–this is an amazing, vital sector to work in– — new revenue streams, actionable strategic business plans, and efficient, streamlined organizations are all crucial in this tough market, and we can help with all those aspects. In addition, 5ive is providing me with the means to work more in the education sector, an area I care about quite a bit, and that is great.
We’re waiting for our web site to finish, and working to turn a good idea into a viable enterprise.