AOL: Building out the transactional playbook

A little more indulgence in second-guessing the current plans of my former employer:
Is AOL going to out ticketmaster Ticketmaster? My guess is yes, and one of the subtext for supporting blogging tools is to be able to place contextual commerce and transaction offers on a reserved space on those pages.
AOL’s deal with expires soon, and word on the street is that AOL wants to get back into the personals business themselves. Remember Love@AOL and NetGirl, created by Roz Resnick? Those properties raked in the bucks for AOL.
AOl has also bought OneMade, an ecommerce software company that reportedly develops both the tools sellers use to sell on sites like eBay–such as the ability to create listings–and a marketplace platform where sellers can pitch their wares.
AOL launched a ticket-selling service last year, is selling music and DVDs direct, and has been exploring the idea of a movie-buyers club for some time.
Seems like it’s looking a lot like CitySearch..only with that AOL Time Warner content to justify that $23.95.