Atlanta-Journal: World’s Shift to Broadband Hurts AOL

from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:
“America Online became a profitable giant in the 1990s by introducing the masses to the Internet, only to see U.S. subscribers in recent years begin shifting to rival services as they moved to broadband.
Now the online division of AOL Time Warner Inc. must avoid a similar pattern overseas — a market it says should provide 50 percent of its revenue within 10 years.
Studies show that European subscriptions to high-speed Internet service are on track to surpass those in the United States. By 2008, Jupiter Research predicts that 48 percent of all European households will have broadband, compared with 46 percent in the United States.
Broadband is booming in Latin America as well. Yankee Group predicts that 1.2 million subscribers in the region will be logging on through high-speed telephone digital subscriber lines by the end of 2003, a 60 percent jump in one year.”
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