Cashing in on the fight against fat

Yeah we’re all overweight. And its bad for us. And you know what, it’s definitely a marketing opportunity to some folks. According to Reuters and other news sources, “…Kraft Foods Inc., the No. 1 U.S. maker of processed foods, on Tuesday said it would reformulate many of its products, cease marketing in schools and take other steps to counter a rise in obesity that could trigger a rash of lawsuits against the food industry.
The maker of Oreo cookies and Velveeta cheese spread said it will develop a range of standards this year to improve the overall nutritional content of its foods and the way it sells them. It will begin making the changes, which could take three years, in 2004.
The cost of the sweeping measures could not be estimated, according to a spokesman for the company, based in the Chicago suburb of Northfield, Illinois.”
In addition, according to USA Today’s Sam Hirsch:
McDonald’s this summer will test a Happy Meal with an option to replace the wildly popular — but fat-filled — french fries with a bag of fresh, sliced fruit.
• Frito-Lay is within weeks of eliminating all artery-clogging trans fatty acids from its chips and snacks. And the CEO of its parent company, PepsiCo, has vowed that at least half of its new foods and beverages will be aimed at nutrition-conscious consumers.
• Kellogg recently bought Kashi, whose cereals have no highly refined sugars or preservatives.
In a related story, a NY congressman Felix Ortiz has proposed a 1% sales tax on all junk food as a means to stop us from stuffing our faces.
Sounds like the fight against fat is going to be the next big thing for marketers to cash in on.

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  1. energy boost says:

    NYC is proposing such a tax. It’s like the new sin tax of this generation. I love the concept.

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