Department of Exciting Predictions: 300 million feeds in 3 years

Will there be 300 million syndicated blogosphere feeds in three years? Phil Wolff’s Aklog apart says so.
First, assume that Microsoft, AOL and everyone else and their brother will enable blogging on their services in the next 18 months, converting 10% of the online population (70MM people) into bloggers.
Then, assume the folloqing(more klog apart logic here):
In two years:
Every blogger will publish a main feed.
Each blog’s category or topic will have a mirror feed.
Every business system requiring a user ID will customize feeds for each user.
Every major media outlet will drive traffic and affilliation by publishing feeds.
Some consumers will add editorial value by blending existing feeds into new, focused feeds.
Even better, we will be ale to rewad, manage, and filter up to 1000 feeds.
I like this posting! And I completely agree–this is where information sharing, consumption, and distribution are going…read this post–it’s worth the click.