Department of Small Tragedies: I lost my address book

My computer is old, I am going to buy a new one this month. Meanwhile, I decided to clean out the 6+ copies of AOL in the program files–and in doing so I accidentally deleted my current version of AOL 8.0 and my address book.
Downloading a new AOL took a second, but the system reached into itself and found a version of AOL that was from, hey, probably Fall 2002, and used that to set up my favorites file/book marks list and my address book. I’d thought AOL address books were server based–it wasn’t until the email addresses of some folks I have been talking to this month didn’t pop up in my email that I realized I might be have a problem.
Conclusion: My address book has really been functioning as my directory or database of who I know.
I now feel lost without it and am going to have to think of a better back up system than printing the damn thing out.
Word to the smart asses: Yes, I know I can get off AOL or switch to Outlook, I may do both, or neither.
Word to the AOL product teams: How about a save function for address books?