Dig the station, get the IM app

From Hollywood Reporter, via Paid Content
Z100 listeners tuning in Web for IM service
New York’s Z100 said that beginning today it will be the first major radio station to offer its own branded instant-messaging service. The Clear Channel station partnered with technology company GTV to create what it is calling the Z100 Messenger, a fancy IM service that interoperates with IM’s major players: America Online, Yahoo! and Microsoft. The product can be downloaded free at www.Z100.com. Director of online services Robert Daniel Mathers said he’s hoping to encourage more of the station’s 1.2 million listeners to become registered online users, as about 300,000 already have done. (Paul Bond)
I just went to the site and the deal is that GTV builds custom solutions for enterprise. See blurb here. GTV says that the app offers platform interoperability as well through a dashboard like sign-in. Here’s the image of the “dash board” for sign in.

I hope GTV and similar companies are successful in selling more of these custom, interoperable services, they are pretty interesting.