Emerging market for broadband content?

6 months ago, there was lots of talk about the growth of broadband, but few indicators that there were viable business models and companies willing to pay for unique broadband product. Now, that may be changing–at least a little.
The Online Publisher’s Association reports this week that
“…Disney’s online properties are moving aggressively into video and getting results. ESPN.com’s jitter-free motion video has been a hit with users, with about 800,000 watching clips daily. AdAge said ESPN has had success selling video ads to big clients (Gatorade, Lexus) as part of the TV upfront. News.com explains that the application streams video during off-peak hours to a user’s desktop. Now, ABC.com will preview network TV shows and archival material using the same technology. Also, WSJ Online reports that AOL on Broadband has started embedding video into its top sports page — but without a separate player. “
While none of this is unique, original video, it is the beginning of a more wide-spread recognition that digital video delivery has great promise and is a viable channel for the mainstream.
OPA bonus: New report on how site affinity is the greatest predictor for high user clickthrough on advertising (uh, dud!)