I have an AOL blog

I started an AOL Journal, aka Blog yesterday. You can create one if you have a name in AOL namespace–Netscape. AIM, CompuServe or AOL account.
I’m trying it out as a photo blog and recording my comments.
Some links here if you want to accompany me:
My test AOL Blog
Link to a specific post that shows how AOL embeds a mini-You’ve Got pictures album into the Journal as a way to show more than one photo in an entry
Link to an archive of posts
The interface is wonderful, but the photo blogging thing seems pretty clunky so far.
I was impressed with this great relationship management email I was sent:
Subj: Your New AOL Journal: Susan Mernit’s Photo JournalÂ
Date: 7/20/03 12:11:59 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: AOLHometown@aol.com
Sent from the Internet (Details)
Congratulations! You’ve started your own AOL Journal. Here’s the address for your page:
Tell Your Friends and Family
Now that you’ve created your AOL Journal, be sure to announce it. Your visitors can read your entries and add their own comments. Once guests start telling their friends about your Journal, you’ll develop a regular following of readers. Before you know it, you could have the most popular Journal on the Web!
(Yeah, right…)
Instant Entries
The best part about your AOL Journal is that it’s easy and fun to update. Did you know you can create a new Journal entry via Instant Message? Just send an IM to the screen name AOL Journals with your daily thoughts. Your Journal will automatically update. Has fun online ever been this easy?
Ideas for Your Journal
Be yourself. Share your thoughts on current events, keep everyone posted on family happenings or special occasions in your life. Get creative and tell crazy stories. The possibilities are endless.
(Chirpy, but encouraging)
Need Help?
Find it in AOL Journals Help.
Thank you,
AOL Journals