Legally BloggerCon: Mernit is going to Boston

Dave Winer called this morning, we chatted a bit, and then he invited me to present on the technology panel at BloggerCon in October.
On the conference blog, Dave says ” I want opinionated big-thinkers, who happen not to be vendors.”
I do fit that bill.
This is an opportunity to think carefully about the topic, pull ideas together, and then have dialogue with what is surely going to be an amazing group of people. I am totally psyched.
And committed to doing a great job as a panelist. As someone who is obsessed with blogging and newsreaders, thinking a lot about how they fit into next-generation tool sets for various audience segments, values the perpetual tension between technologists and their end-user audiences, but is definitely on the end-user side. This should be FUN.Thanks, Dave.
P.S. Had to note the strange syncronicity of my last post on women being visible as bloggers and getting this invite.