Noticed around the Blogosphere

Blogging in Bruge: MediaBurn kept me reading today, especially dug the links to the expat in Belgium who pointed to this very funny A to Z about the country (some excerpts below):
Delhaize: A supermarket invented by the devil to torture his subjects. Offers every shopping frustration imaginable, from lack of baskets to severe aisle congestion. Home to the most spectacularly slow checkout queues in the universe. Horrid horrid place.
July: The wettest month of the year in Belgium – a fact only really appreciated by anyone who has tried to block book a fixed hour on an outdoor tennis court for the whole summer season.

MediaBurn seems to also share my passion for Ottmar Leibert.
Cat Schwartz’ Boobs: Did you hear the one about the cute girl producer who put some picture of herself on her blog, but then those bad boy fans of hers checked out the Photoshop previews and discovered she was missing a top? And then flashed the pix all over the web?
Yeah, I didn’t hear about it last week, either, but the minute I did, I went and got a link to the pictures. and the story.
Here’s what she looks like all dressed.
(Via JD Lasica)
The funniest part of this is that she sounds kinda pleased with herself about it all, which is not the reaction I expected.
Tuna in (Fruit) Leather: How about wrapping that leaky sandwich in fruit instead of stinky chemical wrap? Boing Boing has a link to a neat science item that explains that it may be possible soon wrap tuna, turkey or PB&J sandwiches with edible vegetable and fruit wraps.