Power to the People: SF’s Illegal Art Gets Sued

Remember the Illegal Art show in San Francisco, which I wrotre about a few weeks ago? Well, Joho the Blog has an update–apparently, Mattel sued artists/exhibitor Tom Forsythe for selling his photographs, called “Food Chain Barbie,” of Barbie in kitchen appliances. Mattel sued, lost and is appealing. Joho points to an excellent Boston Globe piece”
by Chris Gaithers that explains both the purpose of the exhibit and reaction to it.
“Barbie sprawls naked in a blender. A familiar green-and-white logo bears not the Starbucks name, but the appellation ”Consumer Whore.” The familiar image of Bert, from ”Sesame Street,” hangs from a noose. All are images from ”Illegal Art: Freedom of Expression in the Corporate Age,” a new exhibit at the Artists Gallery of the Museum of Modern Art here that criticizes the increasingly strict intellectual-property laws that artists say hurt their ability to borrow cultural imagery to reflect the impact of business on American society. ”
More here.