Prepping for our first Garage Sale

We’re spending a good part of this weekend getting ready to have a garage sale, every American’s precursor to taking the trash to the dump. I’ve just gone through Google and gotten my quick Garage Sales tips from Getting Frugal and other sites decided not to buy professional signs because they won’t arrive in time, and learned how to watch out for professional buyers arriving early the first day and buying up all; the good stuff (is this really a problem?
I’ve also learned that there are garage Sales freaks out there whose web sites are all about yard sales– Garage Sale Susan and Yard Sale Queen, in particular.
Our yard sale is going to feature several items of the “Please, get your van and haul them away” variety, notably bookcases and an Ikea armouire, as well as the usual jumble of unused bottles of sunblock, old CDs from the 80s, books, worn jeans, etc. And a sprinkling of that good stuff I hope someone comes and buys–I’ve decided to part with my collection of silk vintage Vera blouses, Coach bags, and 50s embroidered sweaters, as well as some of the bedspreads, tablecloths, and pieces of fabric that seem to follow me everywhere.