Promoting Keep Media, Louis Borders talks to USA Today

Keep Media, the closely held new venture from Louis Borders, is getting ready to launch on time, if the building output of interviews and articles is any indication. In today’s interview with Borders, the new company is described as an online newsstand with strong research potential.
“…When it launches later this month, consumers will be able to pay $4.95 a month for access to the archives of 150 publications. You can also get online content from the current issue of a magazine if you buy a print subscription to that magazine. KeepMedia and the publishers will split the revenue from the fees and subscriptions.
It’s as much a high-end research site as anything. Search for “Christopher Columbus” on KeepMedia and you’ll find content from branded, well-known magazines and news outlets. By contrast, search Google for “Christopher Columbus,” and on the first page you get — I kid you not — fine historical information from one site that otherwise sells Caribbean vacations, and another site that offers a report titled, “Christopher Columbus: His Gastronomic Persona.”
Those of us who’ve been around this industry for a while probably remember Infonautics, the brainchild of Marvin Weinberger and later JosKopelmanan. This online research and media center attemped to get rights to both archival and current materials from numerous publishers. TodayKopelmanan runs, Weinberger is CEO of the Innovation Factory, and Infonautics is Alacritude, publishers of eLibrary and, and run by the founders of Hoover’s.