Starbucks gains revenue on new services, including Wi-Fi

from r etailwire:
STARBUCKS (SBUX) said today that same-store sales for their June
period gained 10 percent over year-ago, and that net revenues, which
climbed to $470 million, represent and increase of 27 percent
Said chairman Howard Schultz, “With our market-defining
beverage innovations, popular programs such as the Starbucks Card
and Wi-Fi network, and the continuing growth in our international and
specialty operations, we are just beginning to realize our long-term
Starbucks currently operates 6,741 stores: 5,163 in
continental North America; 1,578 in the rest of the world.
Starbucks has always been about services as much as goods–that cup of coffee is okay, but the service you get having it custom-made and then being allowed to hang out in a pleasant place as long as you feel like it is what we all really pay for. This statement from Schultz suggests how much opportunity Starbucks may recognize for delivering additional services.
For more on how clearly Starbucks gets who they are–and built the model for new types of services–see Schultz’s book Pour your heart into it: How Starbucks built a company one cup at a time, and the wondeful book by marketing exec Scott Bedbury , A New Brand World, which I found so compelling I could not put it down (I also worked for AOL at the time, a company that was trying to rebrand itself for subscribers).