Strangers to the City: True NYC Fish out of water tales

Monica Anderson: You have to walk fast, think faster in New York Fort Worth Star-Telegram
“…It is not wise to stand in the middle of the walkway gawking. New Yorkers are in a hurry. They don’t just walk. They speed-walk. I flatten myself against a building and press my mouth into a thin line. The natives don’t smile. They talk on cellphones, walk fast and look very serious. The tourists stroll, smile and take pictures. I don’t want to look like a tourist. I can’t explain why. I just don’t.
I pause at a corner on Broadway because the sign indicates that I should not walk. That’s a mistake. These people do not care about signs. If they can slide by, over, or under the stalled traffic, they will cross the street. I bounce about like a pinball until a kind stranger pulls me aside and says, “Stand here for a moment. People are exiting the theaters right now and it gets kind of crowded.” Pant-ing, I clutch my purse tighter and nod…”
K.O Jackson, Mansfield News Journal: Mansfield, Ohio man headed to New York for ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?’ audition”’
…Mounts, a Mansfield Senior High School math teacher, is headed to New York City to audition for an opportunity to be on the syndicated TV game show, “Who’s Wants To Be A Millionaire?”
Since the show began several years ago, Mounts, 36, knew he should be on the show. After all, he knew “all the answers.”
“I am cocky. I like the format of the show. You could be looking at a million bucks.”
Straits Times Interactive: Mobbing’s the new craze in New York…The Mob Project started last month with a guy named Bill who sent an e-mail message to some friends, who forwarded it to their friends, and so on.
Bill, who declined to give his last name, aims to make the project last a few more months. For him, it’s a way to get people out, just like inviting them to a friend’s play.
‘The idea was to dispense with the event altogether and have the audience come together for no reason,’ he said.
Among the sites mobbed was a Hyatt Hotel…