Today’s word: Dumpalicious

First there was Blackalicious, then Blogalicious, now it’s Dumpalicious, the delicious exercise of making trips to the town dump to throw out your unwanted items, aka all that crap you collected in moments of weakness, on a shopping high, or because you didn’t want to tell your spouse not to get it.
Today was container day at the South Orange dump, which meant, as the guy on the phone said, “Lady, you can throw out your whole house so long as you do it before we close at noon.”
Among the tossed-out items from our 7 trips back and forth in the car:
The $5.00 kiddie pool we used once in California and moved back here
The 8-year old rusted out gas grill with the broken starter
Various computer parts from older, cannibalized machines (Okay, I know we could have probably found something better to do with them)
A 60’s retro office chair we never liked
Carpeting, wood, and old plastic gardening tools
Mmmn, mmmn, mmmn, between last weekend’s yard sale, this weekend’s dumpalicious exercise, and the bags and bags of trash I’ve hauled out, I feel almost ready for the movers…Now, it’s all about packing.