Warning: This is an Insular Mediarati-type Post about a NY Post writer

Mediabistro’s Jesse Oxfield interviewed one of my absolute favorite journalists, the NY Post’s tireless Keith Kelly (as opposed to Kevin Kelly, another great journalist). The Post’s amazing rise in circulation is at least in part due to their determination to find the breaking news and gossip in all the key New York industries–entertainment, sports, television, real estate, banking, modeling, and of course, media–and cover it several times a week so info junkies like myself have to keep reading the paper (which I do, every morning, along with the NY Times and the Merc when I am in California).
Entire interview is here.Meanwhile, some neat snippets–
“… We live in a culture where we place a great premium on the scoop. I’m not going to do the second- or third-day, here’s-how-it-fits-into-the-culture piece. I don’t do that; I just don’t have the space.”
” You have to have something that resonates with the common man. That to me is the ideal story, the one that the industry is intrigued by, but also, hopefully, has enough human interest and drama in it. I guess if you want to boil it down to the quick and easy, we’re very much interested in just basically winners and losers. And we’re much more interested in uncovering the news than covering the news.”
(Via Romanesko)