Were you an 80’s kid–or do you just pretend to be one?

Let’s see, who’s young enough to be an 80’s kid? If you’re not sure, give your friends this test:
You know you were an 80’s kid if…
you had any of the following toys: my buddy, legos moon rider, lite brite, laser tag, atari 2600, teddy ruxspin, polly pockets, hit stix, speak and spell, cabbage patch kids, transformers, voltron, pound puppy, friendship bracelets, velcro dart board, garbage pail kids, sit and spin, choose your own adventure books, g.i. joe, rainbow bright, etch a sketch, my little pony, the original nintendo entertainment system (nes)
you ever had a hair style with the words “jehri” and “curl” in it
you owned a pair of l.a. gear, british knights, or converse tennis shoes…you know you had some chuck taylor’s.
you remember the iron sheik, bret “the hitman” hart, the ultimate warrior, andre the giant, the four horsemen, dusty rhodes…or worse, you owned the entire wwf action figure collection (and wrestling ring)
you owned a t-shirt with a black bart simpson on it
you have ever in your lifetime said “i pity the fool” or “you be illin”
you have watched star trek & said “hey that’s the guy from reading rainbow” ”
you know the theme song to any of the following: duck tales, 227, mcdonald’s big mac song, the clapper, toys r us, alvin and the chipmonks, ghostbusters, diff’rent strokes, pee wee’s playhouse, the golden girls, the facts of life, saved by the bell, the incredible hulk, 3..2..1..contact, dukes of hazard, the smurfs, zoobily zoo, fraggle rock, scooby doo, teenage mutant ninja turtles, yogi bear, he-man, oscar mayer, silver spoons, chip n’ dale, gumby, gimme a break, care bears, inspector gadget, punky brewster
you wore shorts on top of your sweats in p.e. class
you had a jean jacket, jean purse or jean bookbag (acid-washed, of course)
you can hum the theme song of the first super mario brothers game