Where is John Robb? Not Userland, not anymore

John Robb, former head of Radio Userland , left that business yesterday, and his web log now seems to be offline (his email address may be as well.) John started as the head of Radio Userland last February, so this is a fairly brief tenure.
Earlier in the week, John whose passion for and understanding of using blogging tools as a part of knowledge management has always impressed me, had posted some notes on his blog and others about a new commercial scheme to create a blogging network to make money for expert bloggers. This was very un-CEO like, so it caught my attention, as did the crawling script about the new idea that took over my newsreader browser (John took the script down fairly quickly, thank goodness).
The blogging community is posting about this news, quoting Dave Winer and wondering what happened to John. Many are chilled that his blog and email address could disappear so quickly (this is like being jacked OUT of the Matrix).
John, please let us all know where you are! During the brief conversations we had about blogging in education-both K-12 and university–you impressed me as a smart and focused guy, with a lot to contribute. And your blog–with its focus on knowledge management, has taught me a lot.