Yard Sale Completus

Okay, it’s over! My stint sitting in the driveway as strangers paw at our discarded good has run its course and we are several hundred dollars richer and many bags of schmutz lighter.
The yard sale is an amazing American custom: offer junk you don’t want at rock bottom prices to people looking for cheap ways to satisfy their hunting and gathering urges before you throw the rest of it out–or give it away for free to other people who didn’t come to your sale.
Howeverm, this means we’ve edited out kitchen goods and knacks down to what we actually use–nothing left in the boxes packed away.
Next steps: the books. Take 10 shelves of books, plus about 8 boxes, and reduce them down to what I really want–that means ruthless editing. Good-bye, Black Sparrow Press books! If you want them, let me know.