9 11: Transcript from Windows on the World

From ABCNews.com:
… A PERSON CALLING FROM WINDOWS ON THE WORLD: Hi, this is [person’s name], from Windows on the World on the 106th floor. The situation on 106 is rapidly getting worse.
POLICE OFFICER RAY MURRAY (To people in the background): I got a fourth call from Windows on the World, it’s getting rapidly worse up there.
WINDOWS ON THE WORLD: We … we have … the fresh air is going down fast! I’m not exaggerating.
POLICE OFFICER RAY MURRAY: Uh, ma’am, I know you’re not exaggerating. We’re getting a lot of these calls. We are sending the fire department up as soon as possible. I have you, [person’s name], four calls, 75 to 100 peopele, Windows on the World, 106th floor.
WINDOWS ON THE WORLD: What are we going to do for ai[r]?
POLICE OFFICER RAY MURRAY: Ma’am, the fire department …
WINDOWS ON THE WORLD: Can we break a window?
POLICE OFFICER RAY MURRAY: You can do whatever you have to to get to, uh, the air.
Everyone died who was in the restaurant. We honor their memory and that of everyone else who perished.