Department of when will some things change: Women in j-school don’t translate into more women in the newsroom

Although 64.4% of the enrollees in journalism school are women, that doesn’t mean 64%–or even 20%–of the staffers in newsroom are women, r eports a recent Boston Globe story by Mark Jurkowitz.
“And though the pipeline is full of women, the newsroom remains a male-dominated province that presents significant barriers to their success. The new American Journalist Survey found that in the past two decades, the overall percentage of women journalists (33 percent) had actually dropped by about a point. And this, the survey noted, is in a country in which women make up half the professional and managerial work force. For all the talk about changing workplace culture, evolving societal mores, and the abundance of women in journalism school, such traditional issues as babies, bad hours, and old-boy networks still make a career in media a daunting enterprise. And full gender diversity — which many media analysts say would have a serious impact on news content itself — remains a distant goal. ”