Dept. of We’ve got the beat: Bay area radio

Russell Beattie has a post today about KQED and heading back to San Fran. One of the joys of being back in northern California–especially considering that the distances I am driving daily have doubled–is the profusion of great radio stations.
My personal favorites–and I am still discovering what’s on the dial–
KCSM–Jazz. Not as great as WBGO in Newark, NJ, but still smooth.
KQUED–How could you not like one of the greatest public radio stations?
KKUP–Sunnyvale community radio, electic as they get. Love the Hawaiian show on Friday mornings. Have to see if it is still on the air.
KPFA–I love KPFA, makes me feel like old hippies still have a little passion left. One of my favorite things is driving along listening to KPFA grumbling about their knee-jerk leftist politics.
KFOG and ALICE: Guilty pleasures.
I also like the Stanford radio station at 90.5, which plays lots of drum and bass, house, jungle, etc. and 91.5, which plays a lot of jazz and blues. The quantity of blues played here is about 300% higher than in NY; which is to see perhaps 20% of what I spin past is blues, compared to one big fat zero in New York.
The one show I really miss listening to in the car is Victor Hernandez’ The Rhythm Review, the best Saturday morning show on the planet.