Fun with Books: What am I reading?

Fiction soothes the savage beast living out of a suitcase until the movers come:
Crake and Oryx by Margaret Atwood: The 28 Days Later of the literary fiction world. A wow!
White Apples by Jon Carroll: Is charm and whimsy enough to keep me reading? Judging by how ambivalent I feel about almost every book I’ve read by Jon Carroll(not the SF columnist, the other one), the answer is yes, but then I complain about it. I read The Marriage of Sticks about a year ago, and loved it, and keep reading Jon Carroll books in the hope I will find another as good. I am still looking.
Medicine Men by Alice Adams: I was going to take out a serious book by Peter Ackroyd, but this was right next to it, so I decided to read the fluff first. It was and is fluff…not her best, either.
A Shooting Star by Wallace Stegner: Stegner is my current favorite author and I have still not read all his books. This one has bits of glorious writing, especially about a very Filoli-like estate and its old lady owner, but it’s a bit heavy-handed and clunky over all.
Chicago Days/Hoboken Nights by Daniel Pinkwater. Short pieces by the witty author and columnist. I took this book out of the library because now that I am in California, I want to read about Hoboken, New Jersey. Go figure. I alson enjoyed reading about Pinkwater’s fatness and the crows on his property. Go figure.