Fun with Friendster, Introducing

Had dinner last night with good friends and their charming 20 year old niece. “Laura” goes to UPenn, is into shopping and fashion, belongs to a sorority, wants to go into marketing of some type, and oh, yes, is really bright.
Laura: So, you know I have a Friendster boyfriend?
Aunt: You do?
Laura: Well, not really, its a guy who emails me all the time. I haven’t met him yet. But there are so many cute guys on Friendster!
She goes on to describe how her friends–including a whole gaggle of sorority sisters, have created Friendster profiles and are busy commenting and updating’s a thing among her circle.
When she asks me if I like Friendster, I tell her it’s cool, but that I prefer Ryze–because I’m not looking for guys to date, the fact Friendster doesn’t have last names is a major limitation.
Meanwhile, there’s a new game in town that has the later mover advantage of being able to look at everything already build.
is a carefully planned, well-organized commmunity that offers not only social networks but the chance to buy, sell and colaborate–think Friendster and Ryze meets Crai gs List. The service is in beta, and it looks really good.
What is interesting is the opportunity to use services like this to create local networks as well as national networks–no one has done that yet but it is the great opportunity. If I was an online newspaper COO, I’d look into how to localize this kind of social network/trading community, pronto.
PS To our great amusement, Laura shared her techniques for making prank phone calls: “You get the name of a football player or some idiot who’s made obscene comments, then you call him and you use this site that has the voice of Arnold Schwazrtenegger and other celebs to make comments into thee phone, like “This is not a tumor” (Arnold, Total Recall).” She giggles. “It is soooo funny!”