Lunches with Bloggers: Phil Wolff

One of the bloggers I enjoy reading the most–and who invariably triggers those aha! Or yes, good point moments is a klog apart’s Phil Wolff, who’s been blogging for about 4 years.
Phil is also the creator of the amazing Blogcount, an effort to track and map the blogosphere through stats and research reports. (Remember the guy back in Austin, Texas, back in the early 90s, who was mapping the nodes of the web and updating monthly? Phil is his spiritual descendent.)
Phil is also one of those really bright people who have great ideas, and whom it is possible to talk to for hours, so we did–the restaurant staff basically kicked us out at 2:30, their post-lunch closing time.
Phil’s topics for the dayoor the themes we shared, more accurately– blogging, and the future of (of course), how to build process and discipline aka a ‘cookbook’ to communicate and then implement a new idea, such as blogging for K-12 educators, good and laundry(maybe those were my topics–my family laughs cause I say ‘Laundry is my hobby.’), books–including a fascinating creative thinking business book, a book on workflow and web design I to to take home, and a The Fifth Discipline Workbook, which I am going to buy, as soon as I build up the arm muscles to carry it.
We also discussed why Phil should come to BlogCon in the fall….and who we thought should be there, who might not be ( Chris Pirillo, Jeff Jarvis, Meg Hourihan were names that passed my lips…)
Phil, I hope to have a chance to hang out with you more–it was great to meet you!
(And now that I know Pil is a foodie, I’m going to invite him down for that mid-Sept BBQ/open house we want to have in San Jose, where our musician buddies can set up and play as they eat and drink.)