Naked news

Naked walker: Did you hear the one about the 44 year old truck driver walking naked through Britain to remind people of the beauty of the human body? Turns our he really wanted to set the record for hiking naked, so he lief about his motives. Go figure.
Naked paintball: A hoax to sell the (staged) videos. Is anyone over 12 years old surprised?
Naked TV star: Sheryl Lee Ralph, star of Moesha, tells The Jamacian Gleaner, “My favourite garment… is my birthday suit. I feel so comfortable in it. I like being naked. At home I just walk around naked you know, I just bare it all.”
Not naked: Cameron Diaz’ nude pix will stay hidden after a judge ruled the photog has no rights to distribute the 10 year old pix.
Not the Naked Chef, either: Jamie Olivers’ new book was not the 2 MGB file distibuted on the web this past Friday.
Naked risk: There’s a dearth of stories about the burgeoning traffic in women in Eastern Europe. The problem, journalists are afraid of ending up naked and dead.