News Readers: What Adam Curry Wants

Via Mark Graham, Adam Curry’s vision of what a one-page news aggregator might look like.
“…The web browser would have been great as a ‘transceiver’ for creating and receiving content. Weblogs perform this task currently, but html is doomed to fade away into a void of static now that Microsoft has announced it will no longer support or continue development on a standalone version of internet explorer.
…RSS provides a ‘static free’ format for content and is constantly being improved to do things like carry attachments (just like email) along with written words. No formatting, no fancy script thingies or blink tags, just plain content. RSS is the content carrier wave of the future. And everyone with a weblog can or is already creating a compatible broadcast channel.”
Adam is absolutely right, and he goes on to praise one page aggregators as the no fuss, no muss way to read news and information. The rest of his post has really good “beyond the browser” ideas and information as well….
Conclusion: Tech folks are building good stuff, but it’s important for the users to weigh in with their wishes and vision, which is what Adam does.