Peter Krasilovsky on online newspapers and emerging business models

The always intelligent Peter Krasilovsky gave a talk to some Knight Fellows this month that was written up by Online Journalism Review. Some sni ppets:
“Paid content is a great way to make more money, but the real money is in advertising and marketing, don’t ever forget it, and if you are a consultant you’re made sure you don’t ever forget it. …
So let’s look at The New York Times, and how they do it at New York Times Digital, tremendous signs of success there. And they did something that people were afraid to do in the early days, they registered their users and people could be willing to register for the New York Times, because it was considered to be unique content that was very valuable.
The New York Times is very proud of having 11 million active registered users, but that is not where they make most of their money on New York Times Digital. The real money they make — because they know whom you are, and they can sell your type of person to different types of advertisers on a targeted basis — comes from the 1.5 million loyal users who come in several times a week. Those are the people that come in and will be exposed to their advertising and much higher cost per thousand rates then the daily e-mail sites and the 11 million active registered users — the people that come in about once a month or more. This is their bread and butter.”