San Jose Jazz: Greg Osby

Spent the afternoon at the San Jose Jazz Festival, a three-day riot of music, food, and shopping. The wow of the afternoon was Greg Osby, a jazz musician from St. Louis whose immense skill with the alto sax is evenly matched with his taste for long, free-form and somewhat atonal compositions.
Half the audience was grooving in their seats; the other half was heading for the exits.
Part of what made Osby so strong was his musicianship; the other part were the powerful sidemen he’d assembled. Eric McPherson was one of the best drummers I have ever heard; he played complicated, compelling rhythms effortlessly. Ambrose Akimusirie, the trumpter, and Matt Brewer, the bassist, were both excellent as well, though Brewer seemed a little busy.
Listen to Greg Osby’s music by downloading MP3s from his site.