Scobled: Big Shot Bloggers Parodied Anew

Denizens of the blogosphere are starting to parody their more visible and uh, unique, counterparts, proving that virtual communities not only form, they like to rib their members. The latest is from the Scobelizer, who’s just published a very clever dish on a number of blogerati:
Dave Winer: Anyone who disagrees with me is a festering disease-carrying burnt-toast maggot. I am the Internet, doncha know that? I made it what it was. I invented Blogs. And my markup spec’s are the all.
Anil Dash: New York. New York….Pretentious New York City life random observations. The other day, I had beef mushroom barley soup. But that was unusual, not just because it included mushrooms, but because Carson Daly was sitting about 10 feet away at the time. But I digress. Links about Links. Links. More Links..
Jeff Jarvis: “…Some info about Blogs as Journalism. Buzz buzz buzz. News story comment quip. War story comment quip. NYT story comment quip. Republicans-Are-Evil-But-So-Are-The-Democrats story comment quip. Link to this, link to that. News Story Comment. Smarty News Story Comment. News Story Comment. News Story Comment. Sarcastic News Story Commenting. Buzzwords. Buzz.”
If you think this is funny, Bob has lots more.