The Blog-Slinger: AOL Hires a new Blogging Guy

John Scalzi reports that he is to be AOL Journal’s new Blogging Guy.
Says John., “… My job will be to show AOL members how blogging and journaling is done, both by example (i.e., by blogging and opining myself) and by acting as a sort of tutor/instigator/spotlight operator for AOL Journals. I’ll also be doing time as a general cheerleader for the concept of writing online in all its forms…I’ll also be doing the time-honored stomp through the AOL Journals and the rest of the blog world to find other worthy linkables. And on top of all that I’ll be doing some other stuff too, which I won’t talk about now but which will hopefully be neat”
John has worked for AOL in the past, so the Dulles powers-that-be can be sure he’s not going to put up Photoshop pix that show him nude from the waist down in preview form, or insult Dick Parsons when the stock dips, or say anything political of any sort about the California elections.

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  1. Mario Rossi says:

    This is an interesting post, I have been searching for a AOL I will give this a try out over the next few week, thanks for sharing

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