Tom Curley: Building the new eAP

Incoming Associated Press president Tom Curley told publishers today that he wanted to lead an initiative to transform the AP into the eAP, or news service of the future.
“”We are transforming the AP from a wire service, which we’ve been for 150 years … to an interactive database and news network that connects us, and not just connects us technically, but more importantly connects our common business and journalistic goals,” Curley, the former head of USA Today, told the audience. He said that AP’s news operations — from print to broadcast to broadband — would be merged into a single unit that could deliver a multimedia product.
As someone who has worked to make this kind of effort successful–at media companies ranging from Advance to Scholastic to Netscape to AOL TW–I know how tough it can be–it’s a killer–but it is also the way the world is inexorably going. Information businesses of the future will be digital warehouses, needing to providing real time access to all sorts of data that can be packaged and redistibuted through various content management and publishing systems. I would LOVE to have a chance to talk with Curley about his vision…in this era of streamlining and consolidation it is how news organizations–and all information businesses–will survive.
from OJR:
“The Net went through several phases and only now is approaching what I could call rational: There was a great mania, a great collapse, it was overvalued, it was undervalued and now people are trying to integrate it into business strategies.”
— Tom Curley, AP president and CEO