Tracking the Tripod Blog Builder

TerraLycos announced today that their Tripod Blog Builder has just won an award from PC Magazine for ease of use. Launched in February, the tool is part of a subscription package that Tripod and Angelfire users can purchase (4.95 to $19.95 per month); there is also a free version. Director of Product Management Brian Carr says “Blogging is not just for the political pundits and technical elite anymore…We’ve transitioned blogs from a technology tool to a lifestyle accessory, adding features most requested by our millions of members.”
I just went to the site and checked it out…two of the blogs I selected as recently updated (Aug 14th) gave me File Not Found errors when I got to their pages. The third blog had one entry from July 2003. My quick impression was that Terra Lycos continues to offer great publishing tools, but that not everything being called a blog was a blog…on the other hand, I did see one (fairly new) blog that had the look and feel of a LiveJournal blog.
Will explore further.