Anderson Cooper: Remembering a brother’s suicide

Anderson Cooper has a piece in Details Magazine this month talking about his brother’s suicide in 1988, at age 23. Interviewed in The Philadelphia Inquirer, Anderson said, “I think about my brother every day…The violence of his death still stuns me, and it comes to me at odd times throughout the day… still have a sense of shock that it transpired at all.”
Anderson’s brother, Carter, was a Princeton student who killed himself in front of their mother by jumping off the terrace of the family apartment. Back in the day, I had a friend who’d dated him, and thought Carter was a sweet, if troubled, guy. She was shocked by his death, as was everyone who knew him (as in how could you not be shocked?) I have a family member who died suddenly in an accident, and believe me, it haunts you.

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  1. nb says:

    I read your note from 2003. I have recently watched Mr. Anderson & his mother on Oprah, and read her book, “A Mother’s Story.” It is heartbreaking. From all that has been written about him, Carter Cooper has been described as gentle, sweet, sensitive, and good. His story has touched me and I find myself wanting to know more about him – the person. The media only talks about his death, not his life. Even his mother’s book give very little information about him. Its hard to see good people who succumb to the terrible disease of depression. What did your friend mean by troubled? What were her impressions of him? Thanks.

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