AOL: End of year layoffs are coming

Studies report that the end of the year is a prime time for layoffs at large companies and AOL is no exception. Folks in Dulles, NY and the Bay area are quaking as October approaches, convinced the axes will fall once more. (My husband’s comment: “You mean there are people left?”)
New York buzz: Interactive marketing is hanging on because of paid search; the whole team is at risk.
California buzz: The big boss is coming out on a plane to talk to the troops; we fear they’ll be layoffs right before he arrives.
Dulles buzz: You know, the Time Inc people are talking over everything now.
Let those snippets give special relevance to the speech given by AOL IM Honcho Lisa Brown at the IAB forum this week:
“We created our own issues at AOL, and we have no one to blame but ourselves. In many ways, we were on the road to perdition with agencies and advertisers. Now we’re on the road to redemption,” said Brown, an old buddy of Jon Miller from US Interactive.