BloggerCon Day 2 Panel– Technology: What do users want?

What do users want from blogging tools and related services? How can technology help develop new capabilities (think audio blogging and photo blogs via cell phones) We’re doing a session Sunday morning on Technology with a capital T that needs to be a conversation between everyone else and the technologists.
Help me plan this, let me know how you’d like to be involved, and what we should cover–and who are must-include participants.Dave’s blurb on this is below–once I figure out how to post on the site, I’ll see up some space we can work in.
When: October 5, 9AM
Where: Pound 200
Discussion leader: Susan Mernit
Who attends: Bloggers of all experience levels. Vendors and developers, but users drive the agenda, not techies.
Description: Most conferences about technology put the vendors on stage and the users in the audience. At BloggerCon, we’re trying a new idea, get a group of informed, independent and neutral users together, and talk about where we want the industry to go. Out of work done before this session should come a set of issues that users want to see addressed. Things that vendors talk about but rarely deliver on. Performance, reliability, interop, no lock-in, no talking over users’ heads or down to users about things they wouldn’t understand. A basic statement of user’s rights, that includes understanding how the software works, and what systems it works with (and not).