BloggerCon session changes: Technology Panel Moves

Well, I just got off the phone with Dave Winer, and he’s decided to move the BloggerCon Technology panel to Day 2. He’s asked me to chair it and to help pull it further together, which I will will gladly do. Kind of disappointed it’s moving, but saw it was incomplete on Day 1, and think we can create a great panel–and program–for Day 2.
If you look at the potential of the Technology panel as a “What do users want and how do we get it?” discussion, the opportunity to get techologists and users of the technology into a room can become pretty interesting. It also becomes a question of who is the market? with the market as a moving target of users with varying needs, skill sets, and expectations.
Perhaps the primary blog users today are fairly technical men, with somewhat advanced programming skills and great interest in politics (joke), and teens writing live online journals for their friends, having gotten tired of having to squeeze all that drama into their IM directory profiles. The emerging audiences–already well entrenched, to be honest–seem to be women (this is an unclassifiable group, because their interests are so close to the men’s, the genders just differ), academics, enterprise and the workplace, families, and emerging communities of interest (how to address and build a good platform for group bloggers who aren’t business people is an interesting question, one that the political folks may be helping to develop right now). The artists and creative people who will use these tools to create and disseminate art are also important, and they often get left out by engineering-oriented thinkers(who are also creative types).
So a panel on what technology is–and isn’t–is going to be shaped by who wants to use the technology, and for what–getting the right people to represent the right constituencies is the trick here–and there isn’t even a list of registered participants available to look at–yet.
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