Blogging: A Distruptive technology & a way to cut out the middleman

Doc Searls and Steve Outing are all over the implications of the SacBee requiring Daniel Weintraub’s blog to be edited–ie, vetted–by an editor before posting live on the site. Mark Glaser offers a piece on implications for the newsroom.
As someone who worked for big media for 10+ years, and who continues to write about big media, let me remind the bloggers that there is absolutely nothing new about writers and editors believing in the value of a professional filter, which is what an editor is.
This is a philosophy thing, a taste thing, like preferring your steak well-done as opposed to rare, and not actually about control.
But…Having said that, here’s the thing–hey folks, lack of editors is one of the reasons blogging is a disruptive technology!
It’s not just a cheap publishing platform for Andrew Sullivan wanna-bes, it’s a way for anybody who wants to to cut out the editorial middleman. And babe, when it comes to media, that is disruptive.
So, blogging for some folks is just the latest flavor of the month and they don’t see why any media with their name on it shouldn’t have an editor, as their products always have had–
And then for others it is the next best thing to being a member of the Grateful Dead, running around Burning Man and never getting a sunburn, and cashing out of the stock market before the crash–it is a disruptive technology.
(Read my lips…That sentence is the sound of Susan’s inner child gleefully stomping around…)