Christopher Riley’s Radiohead

Berkeley, CA–Went to Bezerkley last night to see Christopher Riley perform his pieces for solo piano based on Radiohead songs. It was terrific–on one hand, the cynic in me says Riley could be the Rachmaninoff of his generation, playing emotional versions of popular songs; on the other hand, Riley could be a truly authentic voice–a pianist who is not afraid to merge his love of an alternative band with his classical training.
What is the music like? Melodic, intense, precise. Music I had always wished ‘d heard, but didn’t know it till that moment. Music I wanted to hear again, to own, and to have a part of my inner life.
Listen here and see for yourself. For all my criticism, I think I’ve become a total fan…Listening to Riley play Radiohead made made me feel great.–I’ve got his music going on real player as I write this.
P.S. If you are a Radiohead fan, and are interested in Riley, he said he hangs out at atease.web and his screen name is Blaster.