CJR:< Big media go blogging–and outsider take over–a must-read piece by Matt Welch

Nice assembly by Matt Welch on the spiffily redesign Columbia Journalism Review site of big and emerging media users of blogs. Welch’s list is a handy dandy cut and snip, with listings from Slate, MSNBC, FoxNews, etc. This sidebar accompanies a major piece called Blogworld, The New Amateur Journalists Weigh In (I can’t wait to find out how he defines amateur journalist!)
Welch: “Blogging technology has, for the first time in history, given the average Jane the ability to write, edit, design, and publish her own editorial product — to be read and responded to by millions of people, potentially — for around $0 to $200 a year. It has begun to deliver on some of the wild promises about the Internet that were heard in the 1990s. Never before have so many passionate outsiders — hundreds of thousands, at minimum — stormed the ramparts of professional journalism. ”
Matt’s article is one of the best pieces I have read about blogging–and one of the most definitive. Truly a do not miss.