Confessions of a soccer mom: The Mernit Taxi service is launched

For the past 2 years, I’ve been a 100k flyer working for a big company, one of those people, usually men, who say their family is their first priority, but they’re really not home, so the big thing has gotta be their job, eh?
When I left AOL, I resolved that the coming year would be about more balance, especially since this is the year my only child has to a) apply to college and b) actually get in somewhere he’d like to go. Only I had no idea that putting time into making those things happen would involve running the equivalent of a tropical island taxi service.
You see–the kid doesn’t drive. He’s 17, but he flunked his drivers test and then we moved to NJ where he didn’t need to drive and now we’re back in Cali and his girlfriend lives 3.9 miles from our house in one direction, and his school is 9.3 miles in another direction, and the gym is is 5.4 miles in another direction, and there is only one bus that goes directly from near where we live to any one of these places, and the schedule is shot on Sundays.
I said I wanted closeness, right? And to be around and enjoy him during what is probably his last year living full time at home. I just didn’t know togetherness would be in the front seat of a car, tooling back and forth across Main Street.
Given that I will be out of town half of October, it’s time for a session with the bus maps, a trip to the DMV to renew the learner’s permit, and cleaning up the rusty old bike.