Electrolite on new group blogs

Group blogs-where a specific set of bloggers all contribute– intrigue me. Though I have not seen many that I think are great., especially over time, the concept seems so promising. The BoingBoing format–a loosely woven group of people with some clearly defined interests that inform their contributions to a blog with its own clearly defined focus, seems right on.
Electrolite references some newer ones: Political blogs Jusiper and Not Geniuses( I like Ezra Klein!), American Prospect’s Tapped, and Corrente.
The blogs they mention don’t thrill me for the most part, but I like Patrick and Theresa’s thoughts about presentation of group web blogs. A snippet:
…The simplity of the weblog is one of its glories: short and medium-sized pieces of writing, every so often, with the most recent stuff on top. I’m unfond of “continued on page X” jumps in magazines, and I’m not wild about them in weblogs, either; kinesthetically, whether I’m at a desktop or a laptop computer, it’s always easier to keep scrolling down than it is to reach for the pointing device and bring up a new page. …When I’m running through my daily blog trawl, which consists of several dozen of the things, I find, increasingly, that sites that demand extra mousing-around tend to slip to last. Which means that if I’m interrupted by more pressing matters, they don’t get read as regularly…