Gawker Talker; Jarvis Stalker

Elizabeth Spiers moves over from Gawker to NY Mag now that Mark Malkin goes to US Weekly.
Seems like Jeff Jarvis is being spritually stalked by one Eric Deamer, whose blog is called The Young Curmudgeon, which really means “I quote everything my hero Jeff Jarvis said…”
Jeff Jarvis spills the true scoop on Spiers, who is being replaced–maybe supplantedois a better word – by Choire Sicha, the new Horacio Silva
Is yoiur head spinning yet? If the answer is no, you’re either a hard core digerati or a NY media type.

The best comment comes from Jason Calcanis, Mr. Voice of Experience, who posted a comment on Spiers’ personal site:
ES, My advice: stay at Gawker and ask for 33% ownership in the brand. Gawker will be sold to CondeNast/Primedia/Jann/whoever for $10m in five years.
Going to an established media company would be a waste for someone with your talent. Stick with Nick and get a huge chunk of equity.
Be the brand.
best J ason
Hey, have fun, kids!
Sept 11: More interesting comments on Gothamist, who also ran the picture I put up, then deleted (I was feeling pretty mean, and I regretted in in the am.)