talked with Sofia Coppola

Smart and hip Greg Allen of interviewed Sofia Coppola, whose new movie I am eager to see. Lynne Hirschberg and another journalist were part of the group-grope as well. Some Q&A with the auteur of the forthcoming Lost in Translation, which I am eager to see.
LH: The relationship of the fashion photographer and his young wife may or may not have shadings of your own life and your relationship to Jonze. Giovanni Ribisi, who plays the photographer, speaks with Jonze’s mannerisms, and Scarlett Johansson, as Charlotte, is dressed and styled to seem a lot like Coppola.
SC: I know. How narcissistic.
G [to self]: Waitaminnit, she said it wasn’t like her own experience. And then Scarlett tells Lynn that Sofia tried on the underwear in the opening scene to show her how it should look?
Q [to self]: Gots to get the URL for the onset pics of Sofia in that underwear…
BW: What is this we’ve read about you and Spike? That you’re breaking up and you moved into the Chateau Marmont?
SC: I don’t know where they get this stuff in the Post. I mean, I like to read gossip, too. They said it was from a close friend or something? Do they just make this up?

Note: I once flew from London to NY on the same flight as Sofia and her hub; they were the chicest couple on the customs line, with the ultimate downscale clothes (like, her striped shirt was one of the $200 ones from Marc Jacobs, ditto the bag, and Spike’s velour leisure suit was old school (okay, I think he was really wearing cordoroys, but…) Oh yes, and the music is already for sale.