Ideas at the end of the day

This is the end of one of those days:
–My son is still not in the high school he was supposed to get transferred to
–My lunch meeting today got cancelled and moved to tomorrow
–My dog–after a great walk with Spencer and a friend and her dog–lay down in the street for 20 minutes, refused to budge and I thought he had headstroke(again)
–I made a lot of progress at my work, but still did not have time to email Dave Winer back about ideas for birds of a feather Sunday at BlogCon–I have two ideas for a panel I’d like to run–
a) The Blogger’s Voice–What does it mean to established your own voice? How is this similar/different from the journalist in traditional media? What thoughts about having their own voice and how it evolves can bloggers at the conference-and elsewhere– share? What are your thoughts about how blogging is such a personal medium?
b) Political blogging: How the face of both national and local elections are being changed by blogging and interactive platforms and programs such as,, etc. I’m writing an article on a topic very close to this, so will be an instant expert by October–but it is less dear to my heart thaan the first.
Anyway, I don’t feel like I got enough done today…and I hate that feeling.