Jarvis on SacBee editing their bloggers

Jarvis is typically brilliant on the recent news from the SacBee ombudsman that the web staff did a bad thing posting a press release to the web site as a news story (gasp, shock, shades of NY Times scandals).
Jarvis says:
“… just for a moment, we should drop the term “news” with all its heavy baggage and instead look on our job in terms of imparting information….When you do that, when you see yourself as a leader in the information business, then minders and copy editors become just a little less important. The value of information to the audience becomes more important.
A press release is information. No, a reporter should never put a byline atop a press release. But that doesn’t mean the Bee’s online service shouldn’t have run the release (without expending the effort and expense of rewriting it when they can’t afford to). It’s information.
A weblog is information. Maybe a typo — or even an opinion — will sneak through but if we’re clear with the audience about the immediacy of weblogs, if we correct mistakes when they’re brought to our attention — even by the audience — then they will understand what kind of information it is.
…: So here’s my real point in all of this:
I fear that sometimes we lose sight of the fact that even more than being in the news business, we are in the information business.